Christmas for the kids and youth

If you want to do something that will absolutely reinforce what Christmas is about – take a wish list and help us provide 2 gifts for the kids and youth at daniel.

Christmas is especially hard on the kids.

If  you want to participate please contact Judy Hicks at 904-463-2877.


2015 Recap

2015 was an incredible year of doing great things for daniel’s kids.
With your help and support we accomplished the following:
  • 56 youth at daniel’s Residential Treatment Center (Campus) received a “Going Home Basket” filled with both necessities and some some requested personal items
  • Over 30 women participated in 4 dinner events
  • Monthly readings in the Womenade Literacy Library
  • Finding Your Future
  • Quarterly daniel Honors to celebrate good grades, reading and improvement
  • Over 100 individuals and/or companies purchased gifts for kids and youth for Christmas

See Christmas photos below

DSC01859  DSC01858  DSC01856  DSC01855  DSC01854  DSC01853  DSC01841  DSC01840  DSC01839  DSC01837  DSC01836  DSC01835  DSC01834  DSC01833  DSC01779  DSC01778  DSC01777  DSC01776  DSC01769  DSC01769 (1)  DSC01768 DSC01767 DSC01766 DSC01765 DSC01764 DSC01763 DSC01762 DSC01761

See our April 2015 Event Photos

It’s fun to take time to “Smell the Roses” especially when they are in Naomi Lumley’s yard!

A special treat too – we met and heard Jasmyn’s story.

Here are some photos from the event.

4.28.15-Group-photo     4.28.15-Shelly-Denise-and-Ashton-Jasmyn-and-Rosemary (1)     4.28.15-Shelly-     4.28.15-Marty-ready-for-checkin     4.28.15-Marty-checking-in-Cathy-and-Karen     4.28.15-Lori-Paulette-and-Cathy     4.28.15-Lisa-Char-and-Tiffany     4.28.15-Karen-Chartier     4.28.15-Jasmyn-and-Rosemary     4.28.15-garden     4.28.15-garden-art     4.28.15-Franchesca-Shelly-Denise-and-Ashton-Jasmyn-and-Rosemary     4.28.15-food-set-up     4.28.15-event     4.28.15-Elena-and-Judy     4.28.15-door-prizes     4.28.15-door-prizes-2     4.28.15-Dolores    4.28.15-desserts   4.28.15-appetizer

2015 has been busy so far!

There is lots to report so far in 2015.  Our February event at the home of Selby Kaiser was fabulous in spite of the weather!  Thank you Selby for opening your beautiful home (with your newly renovated kitchen!).  The views of the river are spectacular.

Susan Pyles Rosemary Jackie Shelby and Karen Kylas poster Jackie and Rosemary Franchesca Shelby Rebecca Ashleigh and Lisa Franchesca Kathy Shelby Rebecca Ashleigh and Lisa Feb 2015 Kyla's Story 8.5 x 11 Donna Day with door prizes Donna Day Group photo 2.17.15 Selby, Shelby and Lisa 2.17.15 Rosemary Ashleigh and Kathy 2.17.15 Lisa and Linda

We also have plenty of kids being discharged and getting their “I’m Going Home Gifts” from supporters, thank you to all of our supporters for being so generous and sending the kids on their way with a few items that offer them comfort and make them feel so special.

Susan Pyles with Halle C gifts Tyler with his gifts 10.31.14 Megan L. with gifts 2 Kelly Harkleroad with Jordyn's gifts Kevin B. with his gifts Justin with his gifts Kassidy with her gifts Jonathan McG 2.16.15 NOT on website yet Josue with his gifts I Get To Go Home Basket Complete Halle and her gifts Eve Huntley with Gage gifts Brittany R with her gifts Chance H with his gifts Brianna W with her gifts (1) Anakin with his gifts Arreana with her gifts 10.22.14 Barbara Cronin gifts ready 2 (1) Thank you notes from Jason (Feb discharge) and Faith (March discharge) Thank you notes from Areana (Oct discharge) and Kelsey (Sept discharge) Thank you note from Meg G (March discharge and Kyla (Mar discharge) Thank you note from Madison (Sept 2014 discharge) Thank you note from Brianna J (Sept discharge) Naomi and her upcoming gifts 2 Naomi and her upcoming gifts Nancy Ingle with Arreana gifts Josue with his gifts Diana with Briannas Gifts

Our next dinner event is coming up this month – April 28th at the home of Naomi Lumley (can you believe this is our 12th year at her beautiful home?  Well, it will be!  Get ready for the Roses.

Get ready to meet a youth from Project Prepare too!