Monthly Archives: April 2015

2015 has been busy so far!

There is lots to report so far in 2015.  Our February event at the home of Selby Kaiser was fabulous in spite of the weather!  Thank you Selby for opening your beautiful home (with your newly renovated kitchen!).  The views of the river are spectacular.

We also have plenty of kids being discharged and getting their “I’m Going Home Gifts” from supporters, thank you to all of our supporters for being so generous and sending the kids on their way with a few items that offer them comfort and make them feel so special.

Our next dinner event is coming up this month – April 28th at the home of Naomi Lumley (can you believe this is our 12th year at her beautiful home?  Well, it will be!  Get ready for the Roses.

Get ready to meet a youth from Project Prepare too!