Dinner Events


2017 kicked off at Katrina Watkins Homes on February 21st

2.21.17 group shot on stairs


Our first event of 2016 was held at Naomi Lumley’s home, see photos below.

4.5.16-Susan-Franchesca-Selby-and-Linda 4.5.16-Paulette-Katrina-Mary-and-group 4.5.16-Paulette-Cathy-and-Ashleigh 4.5.16-Marty-with-door-prizes-and-Kathy-Alexandria-and-Crystal 4.5.16-Marie-and-Judy 4.5.16-Ladies-talking 4.5.16-ladies-and-food 4.5.16-Krystal-B-staff-and-Judy 4.5.16-Krystal-B-Crystal-and-Alexandria-from-SIPP-Judy-Dolores-and-Kathy 4.5.16-Kerry-2 4.5.16-Kerry-1 4.5.16-Kathy-and-Selby 4.5.16-Judy-cleaning-up 4.5.16-Judy-and-Cathy 4.5.16-Judy-and-Ashton 4.5.16-Jackie-Marie-and-Kerry 4.5.16-group-photo 4.5.16-Dolores-with-her-door-prize 4.5.16-Crystal-and-Alexandria-with-Judy 4.5.16-Crystal-and-Alexandria-on-the-dock 4.5.16-Crystal-and-Alexandria-on-the-dock-2 4.5.16-Crystal-and-Alexandria-from-SIPP 4.5.16-checkin 4.5.16-checkin-2 4.5.16-Carolyn-Judy-and-Kerry 4.5.16-Ashton 4.5.16-Ashton-and-his-girls


The 2015 Holiday Happening was awesome!  The kids on campus and the Youth Project Prepare with the help of the staff honored us with a great video recap of the year.  Each Womenade supporter received a hand-made travel mug from the kids!

11.18.15-Virginia-Mr-Andrew-Mr-Casmir-and-Shelly- (4) 11.18.15-The-food-line-starts (1) 11.18.15-Terri-Katrina-Karen-Franchesca-and-Tiffany (1) 11.18.15-Shelly-and-Judy-talking (1) 11.18.15-Shelly-and-Destiny (1) 11.18.15-serving-the-food (1) 11.18.15-Selby-Judy-and-Ashleigh (1) 11.18.15-Selby-and-Franchesca (1) 11.18.15-Project-Prepare-youth 11.18.15-Project-Prepare-Youth-5 (1) 11.18.15-Project-Prepare-Youth-4 (1) 11.18.15-Project-Prepare-youth-3 (1) 11.18.15-Project-Prepare-youth-2 (1) 11.18.15-Project-Prepare-youth (1) 11.18.15-Ms-Harris-and-Mr-Elliott (1) 11.18.15-Ms-Harris-and-her-clients (1) 11.18.15-Mr-Andrew-Mr-Cashimir-and-Shelly (1) 11.18.15-Mr-Andrew-and-his-clients- (1) 11.18.15-Mr-Andrew-and-his-clients (1) 11.18.15-Marty-checking-in (1) 11.18.15-Lesley-and-Deborah 11.18.15-Lesley-and-Deborah (1) 11.18.15-Kathy-Lesley-and-Judy (1)
The September event was held at the David Weekley Homes Model in 20 Mile at Nocatee.  See the photos below in the photos gallery!
9.22.15-Group-shot 9.22.15-Virginia-Judy-and-Silk-in-Q-and-A 9.22.15-Virginia-and-Silk 9.22.15-Virginia-and-Judy-in-Q-and-A 9.22.15-Rosemary-Terri-Rebecca-and-Ashleigh 9.22.15-Ladies-enjoying-themselves 9.22.15-Ladies-enjoying-themselves-3 9.22.15-Ladies-enjoying-themselves-2 9.22.15-Judy-and-Silk-in-Q-and-A
The April event held for the 11th year at Naomi Lumley’s home was a great success!  We met and talked to Jasmyn a Project Prepare Success Story!
4.28.15-Group-photo     4.28.15-Shelly-Denise-and-Ashton-Jasmyn-and-Rosemary (1)     4.28.15-Shelly-     4.28.15-Marty-ready-for-checkin     4.28.15-Marty-checking-in-Cathy-and-Karen     4.28.15-Lori-Paulette-and-Cathy     4.28.15-Lisa-Char-and-Tiffany     4.28.15-Karen-Chartier     4.28.15-Jasmyn-and-Rosemary     4.28.15-garden     4.28.15-garden-art     4.28.15-Franchesca-Shelly-Denise-and-Ashton-Jasmyn-and-Rosemary     4.28.15-food-set-up     4.28.15-event     4.28.15-Elena-and-Judy     4.28.15-door-prizes     4.28.15-door-prizes-2     4.28.15-Dolores    4.28.15-desserts   4.28.15-appetizer

Braving the rain on February 17th our first event of the year was successful.  Thanks to the ladies that attended.

Susan Pyles Rosemary Jackie Shelby and Karen Kylas poster Jackie and Rosemary Franchesca Shelby Rebecca Ashleigh and Lisa Franchesca Kathy Shelby Rebecca Ashleigh and Lisa Feb 2015 Kyla's Story 8.5 x 11 Donna Day with door prizes Donna Day Group photo 2.17.15 Selby, Shelby and Lisa 2.17.15 Rosemary Ashleigh and Kathy 2.17.15 Lisa and Linda
Our dinner events are an opportunity for like-minded professional women who share a common goal to help Jacksonville’s children to meet every 2-3 months and to network while raising money for the kids. A Womenade supporter opens their home to the 40-60 women that will attend and sees the camaraderie between the women attending and the daniel staff members who also attend. It keeps the needs of daniel and the kids in the minds of the women. It also offers them an opportunity to meet staff members and become more involved with the kids if they chose to.