What We Do

Dinner Events

Womenade Jax - Judy Hicks

Our dinner events are an opportunity for like-minded professional women who share a common goal to help Jacksonville’s children to meet 3 times a year to network while raising money for the kids. A Womenade supporter opens their home to the 40-60 women that will attend and sees the camaraderie between the women attending and the daniel staff members who also attend. It keeps the needs of daniel and the kids in the minds of the women. It also offers them an opportunity to meet staff members and become more involved with the kids if they chose to.

Going Home Gifts

Womenade Jax - Judy Hicks

Womenade supporters really know how to make the kids smile! Womenade is helping the Daniel Staff by sending the kids home with a special basket filled with items that are necessities and some that are fun. These items will help them with their transition. In the basket they will receive a journal, a stuffed animal, hygiene products, bath soap, a blanket, pillow and a set of towels.  You can help by providing any of these items and placing them in a Micro-fiber bag. Call Judy Hicks at 904-463-2877.

daniel Honors

Womenade Jax - Judy Hicks

Daniel honors – Encourages the kids at daniel to achieve academic success both for grades and behavior. This is done by rewarding the kids for accomplishing specific goals set by the program. From the daniel perspective it recognizes clients in Therapeutic Group Homes and SIPP for good grades and citizenship, we believe that this: Raises the self-esteem of the kids Helps the staff have a community partner in rewarding good behaviors Shows the kids that our community cares about them Is a good use of our money Exposes the kids to new environments and positive adults Encourages future motivation for academic success.

Achievement Requirements

All A’s

A/B Honor Roll

1 A and no F’s

Most Improved – Highest increase over prior quarter GPA.  Selected by daniel staff.

Good Citizen – No referrals or suspensions.  Selected by daniel staff.

Summer Honors – Read 2 books over the summer and do a 1 page essay on a book they read. 

Literacy Library

Womenade jax - Judy Hicks

“Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader”, that is so appropriate and ties in perfectly with the missions of Womenade and daniel.

The “reading nooks“ in the Literacy Library make the Womenade Literacy Library a place for our reading volunteers – led by Marty White and the kids to gather monthly. We have many people/companies to thank for pulling together to do something wonderful for the kids in our community.

This was project was completed with the help and support of Gerry Boeneman, the Division President for Ryland Homes. Once he toured the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) he knew he had to help us make the “reading nooks” a reality. Gerry enlisted the help of Brad Parrish of Builder’s First Source, Dave Triasse & Bobby Vallejos with Creative Touch Interiors.

Soon the kids had a place to read the new books that daniel and Womenade supporters have so graciously helped purchase.

The Literacy Library is proud of Marty White a Womenade supporter who is our coordinator for the Literacy Library Project. Marty has a strong background in social work. Marty coordinates monthly readings in the “reading nooks” and the Womenade Reading Volunteer Day.

We continue to accept donations to so we can add to the library. A donation of $24 will purchase a full set of books and with a donation of $50 or more we will put your name on a plaque in the reading nooks!

Donors include Nancy Ingle, Selby Kaiser, Linda McMorrow, Maria Taylor, Kathy Timmons, Rosemary Wheeler, Kristen Brocker, Colleen Blaquiere, Pud English, Christine Levchuck, Kathryn Wardle, Shelby Weikel, Cathy Fortson, Melissa Roby, Dolores Tillisch, Brenda Todd,  Kim Arnette, ERA Davis and Linn, Old Republic Home Warranty/ Dolores Foster, Naomi Lumley, Deborah Robb, Kathy and Barry Timmons, Zane A. Swierz, Carol Zingone, Lisa Sawyer, Lisa & Sean McNeil, Deb Eveson, In memory of Gene Whitehurst, Buncome Technologies, Allen Dye & Judy Hicks, Cornerstone Homes, Mary Wight, Jimmy Kelly, “Pud” English, Terrell Holman, Michael Morris, Mattamy Homes, Priscilla Johnson, Elyk Innovations, Betty Taylor, Judy Shea and Leslie Vitel.